Socobell Building & Media Tower

  • CPB Contractors / John Holland Joint Venture
  • Commercial / Civil
  • June 2020
  • Approx. 3,650m 2
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The West Gate Tunnel Project is a government project that will deliver an alternative traffic route to the West Gate Bridge. Widening of the existing West Gate Freeway and construction of new roads including a second river crossing by way of a tunnel will connect the west to the CBD, Port of Melbourne and CityLink.

CPB Contractors / John Holland Joint Venture are the appointed development contractors who engaged Mann Group Vic. to complete the Demolition at 228 Hall Street, Spotswood.

The scope included asbestos removal, demolition of the Northern Socobell buildings, separation from the southern buildings, demolition of the oOh Media sign and tech shelter and demolition of the associated slabs and hardstands.

Prior to demolition and separation of the buildings a temporary end wall was constructed to support the remaining building whilst demolition took place. The separation was completed by hand and demolition of the warehouses by excavator.

Mann Group Vic. consulted with Structural Engineers Gencon to determine the safest methodology for the demolition of the media sign, which was brought down by separating the sign and removing it by crane before an excavator was used to nibble down the post.

Services provided to complete this project included structural demolition, asbestos removal, internal strip out and high risk works.

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